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             CHARGE PLAN FOR BCUBE(BTCL Broadband)

[A] Volume-based Category
Package Name Speed Kbps Charge (Tk.) /month Monthly Free Traffic Charge for additional Traffic Registration Charge Tk. Setup & Configuration Charge Tk.
BCube SuperSaver Upto 256 300.00 4 GB Tk.0.0001/KB 100.00 300.00
BCube Standard Upto 512 500.00 10 GB Tk 0.0001/KB
BCube Premium Upto 1024 1,000.00 25 GB Tk 0.0001/KB
15%VAT will be applicable on the monthly charge.
[B] Unlimited Category (Always ON)
Package Name Speed Kbps Free Data Traffic Proposed Fixed Charge (Tk.)/month Registration Charge Tk. Setup & Configuration Charge Tk.
BCube Infinity -256 Up to 256 Unlimited 450.00 100.00 300.00
BCube Infinity -512 Up to 512 Unlimited 750.00
BCube Infinity -1000 Up to 1024 Unlimited 1,150.00
BCube Infinity -1536 Up to 1536 Unlimited 1,600.00
15% VAT will be applicable on the monthly charge.
''Fair Usage Policy'' will not be applicable for unlimited Package
[C] NightTime Category (08:00 PM ? 08:00 AM) Note: Prepaid Packages are not available at this moment
Package Name Speed (Kbps) Monthly Free Traffic Plan Time Package Value (Tk.) Registration Charge Tk. Setup & Configuration Charge Tk.
NightBCube-512 Up to 512 Unlimited 3 Months 2,290 100.00 300.00
NightBCube-1024 Up to 1024 Unlimited 3 Months 3,190
NightBCube-2048 Up to 2000 Unlimited 3 Months 5,090
Special Offer.
ADSL Modem(ZTE ZXDSL 831II)+ Ahnlab Internet security
at Tk 3100.00. only

+Terms and Conditions for ADSL Broadband

1. Prepaid plans? tariffs are inclusive of VAT. Post-paid plan tariffs are exclusive of VAT.
2. 2000 Kbps connectivity package is subject to technical feasibility.
3. Speeds mentioned in the Package are maximum download speed; upload is 25% of the download speed.
4. Service is on best effort basis i.e. maximum limit of the mentioned bandwidth is not ensured at all times.
5. Fresh set up and configuration charge shall be applicable in case of shifting the connection, if required.
6. Prepaid Package change is not allowed during plan time.
7. After expiry of the subscribed package?s plan time. The customer can renew the same package. In such case, no setup and configuration, registration charge and renewal charge will be applicable.
8. The customer can change the package. Within same category, no charges will be applicable in case of changes to the higher bandwidth package but 50% of setup and configuration charge will be applicable in case of changes to the lower bandwidth package. If the customer changes package from one category package to another category package, in such case, 50% of the setup and configuration charge of the new package will be applicable. However, no new registration charge will be applicable
9. No refund of the prepaid plan package value will be made, if surrendered/abandoned the connection within plan time.
10. No fixed IP will be provided in general. But one fixed IP may be given to the government/Semi-government/Autonomous/Statutory Bodies/Government Educational, Training and Research Institutions. In such case charge of Tk. 50.00 per month shall be applicable. The packages do not include any email account.
11. BTCL is not responsible for installation and maintenance of the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). However, customer may contact BTCL?s enlisted/nominated support service providers for the installation support. Until enlisted/nominated support service providers are available or the customer wishes to subscriber the service directly from BTCL, BTCL shall charge Tk. 600 for initial setup and configuration service at customer end, if required. For further visit to customer?s premise charge of Tk. 150 per visit will be applicable.
12. For Standard monthly post paid plan full charge will be applicable if service is commissioned between 1st day and 15th day of the month. Half of the monthly charge will be applicable if service is commissioned after 15th day of the month.
13. Prepaid plans will automatically be expired at the end of subscribed period, if not renewed.
14. BTCL is responsible for delivering the service on a single point to the customer premise. This will be a PC or Laptop. However, further extension (if required) of the connection will be customer?s responsibility.
15. If the customer has to change the existing subscribed packages due to revision of the ADSL tariff structure, no additional charge will be applicable in that case.
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