Frequently Asked Questions


+01.What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows copper telephone pairs to be used to provide a broadband connection. It provides ?always-on? Internet connection that is automatically established once the PC and ADSL modem are switched on.


+ 02.What is BTCL ADSL Broadband Service?

Broadband refers to a connection that has capacity to transmit large amount of data at high speed. Presently a connection having download speeds of 128 kbps or more is classified as broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connections. BTCL offers 2 Mbps minimum download speed for its ADSL Broadband connections.


+03. What is always-on service? Will there be call charges?

Always-on means that the ADSL broadband sets up a permanent connection to the internet that lets you access the internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the modem. You do not need to dial up like when you are using a standard modem connection. There will be no call charges for Internet access but voice calls will be charged as before.


+04.How fast is ADSL compared to normal dial-up, ISDN?

If you are using a 2 Mbps broadband connection then you will be having a download speed which is 35 times faster than that of normal dial-up connection, about 16 times faster than that of ISDN connection.


+05.What are the benefits of ADSL?

->Fast downloads
->faster than dial-up connection in manifolds
->Always on connection
->Telephone and Internet access can be used together
->No telephone call charges
->Cost effective way to access Internet
->A host of free content on the web can be downloaded faster


+06. Do I need a separate line for ADSL?

No. ADSL can run on your existing basic phone line. If you do not have a Phone connection then you need to get one from BTCL before you can ask for an ADSL broadband connection.


+07.Can I use both phone and ADSL together?

Yes. ADSL uses a different set of frequencies and does not interfere with telephone conversation. You can make a phone call while accessing the Internet without affecting the speed of the ADSL connection.


+08.How do I get the connection?

Collect the registration form Emem Systems Ltd. (ESL) customer center or POS (Point of Sales). Choose the appropriate package from the tariff plan sheet and submit the duly filled up registration form (with one copy of photograph and copy of the last months paid telephone bill) and also pay appropriate amount of money while submitting the form. For details kindly contact ESL customer care centre, phone no. - 09666707070


+09.What is a CPE? How do I get it?

CPE stands for Customer Premise Equipment. This consists of an ADSL modem/router and a stand-alone or a build in splitter to separate the telephone and broadband connections.


+10. What is a splitter? Do I need one?

If at your home/business, the same line is used for voice and data then you need to separate out these signals by using a splitter. The splitter will have one output for your telephone and one or more for the ADSL modem which in turn connects to your computer. This comes along with the modem that ESL provides.


+11. My friend has ADSL but ESL in my city says I cannot!

These could be the reasons for this. Your distance from the nearest ADSL Central Office equipment (DSLAM) may be beyond the technically permissible limit. Visibly the distance of your house/business may look same to you as your friend's but it is the actual cable length that counts. Once you apply for a BTCL broadband connection, you line will be tested and you will be informed whether you home/business is covered. Other reason could be that your friend has a BTCL fixed line phone and you do not.


+12. What is download/upload?

When the information flows from somewhere e.g. a web-page or a site to your PC you are ?downloading? on the other hand when you send information e.g. request for a web-page, you are ?uploading?


+13. Why are the download/upload rates different?

ADSL is an asymmetric technology giving different rates in ?down? and ?up? directions. This is perfectly fine since we download (browsing, downloading clips, music etc) much more than we upload(a website address, a few clicks etc)


+14. How do I connect to ADSL?

To connect to ADSL you need an ADSL modem/router to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have an Ethernet port with RJ45 socket. Some ADSL modems have a USB port and you could connect these modems to the USB port of you computer. Some ADSL modems have both USB and RJ45 , you can choose any of them.


+15. How do I install ADSL?

Once your connection comes through, an installation pack consisting of the CPE and installation guide will be sent to you. A technician will visit and complete the installation for you. If you are buying your own Modem you can still request for installation on payment of the requisite charges. We will, however, only support equipment supplied by us.


+16. How long does it take to install ?

Once we receive your order, ESL will do the required line checks and assuming these pass it takes around 7 working days for the service to be enabled by BTCL at your local telephone exchange.


+17. Do I need any software for the installation?

No. With your Welcome Pack you get an installation CD which includes everything you need to get started. If you choose to use your own equipment (e.g. modem or router) then you will need to ensure you have the right software.


+18. What is an IP address?

When you are connect to the Internet, your PC is automatically allocated an IP(Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are two types of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP changes from session to session while static always remains same.


+19. Can I change from one Broadband data rate to another?

Yes, you can change your BTCL Broadband plan. For Prepaid package you have to complete the package plan period before opting for another package. For Postpaid connection, the package can be changed after the month is over.


+20. What happens if I shift my premises?

ADSL connection is given for a particular BTCL fixed line. If you move, ADSL can be shifted to a BTCL line in the new location subject to availability in that area.


+21. Do I still need to pay the telephone line rental ?

Yes. The ADSL broadband service uses your normal analogue exchange line to provide the high speed Internet access, so you still need to pay the applicable line rental.


+22. How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that's right for me?

This will depend on the purpose for which you will be using the broadband connection. If you are using it from home or a small office, you may go for startup bandwidth. However, if you are downloading lots of videos or sending very large files, it may be better to choose a broadband plan with higher bandwidth.


+23. How do I pay for Broadband from BTCL?

For prepaid you have to pay in advance the whole amount for the package length, but for postpaid packages you will pay the bill as same as your telephone bills after receiving the monthly bills.


+24. Can the helpdesk help solve problems with my own computer/ hardware?

No. The helpdesk is there to help you with problems relating specifically to the Broadband service from BTCL and the hardware/software provided by BTCL. If you have purchased a product where hardware was not provided as part of the service, the helpdesk will not be able to assist you with it, and you should contact your hardware supplier.


+25. Can I have more than one broadband connection, for redundancy/up time?

You can have more than one line for redundancy.


+26. Do I need any extra equipment when upgrading to a faster speed package?

You do not need to purchase any extra equipment just for increased bandwidth for faster speed.


+27. I want to connect more than one computer to my Broadband line to share my internet connection. How do I do this?

Although the basic connection as provided by BTCL does not extend more than one PC/Laptop but it is possible to configure this connection for use from more than one PC/Laptop. Clients may setup the LAN as an additional effort to use the ADSL broadband to use in the LAN.


+28. What is a firewall, should I have one?

A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private computer/network. It is highly recommended that all Internet users (even using standard dialup access ) should have a firewall to protect their computer/network. As ADSL broadband service are always on, it is even more important.


+29. I have ADSL at office, can I also use it at home ?

An ADSL Broadband account is activated on a specific telephone line only. If you need to use the broadband connection at a location other than where it is installed you need to take another broadband connection.


+30. Where can I get help about BTCL Broadband service?

You can call 24 hours helpline number: 09666707070.


+31. What kind of PC do I need to run ADSL?

Processor 200 MHz (or better)
Operating System Windows XP (or higher)
RAM (memory) 256 MB RAM
Free Disk Space 125MB
SVGA monitor
CD-ROM Drive
Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket .
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